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The Final Battle for the Kingdom

// March 16th, 2010 // Comments Off // Episodes

Splitsvilla comes to an end, leaving only the King and Queen standing.

Last week, the rescue challenge left Vikas and his love Kriti being the King and Queen, what is gonna happen to the other members

The week starts off with Pavitra being quite upset as she choose Sufzal but still lost the challenge and can’t still believe the betrayal that Vikas has done to her just cause Kriti has arrived on the scene.

Pavitra goes around the house searching for her friends to help her stay in the game as this weeks elimination depends upon the ex splitsvillans.

Each of them think and plot and scheme on whom they should vote out but offcourse nothing is sure till the elimination round, as decisions are always wavy.

Betryals are at the highest as Riya’s closest friend (or so called) Monica choose Pavitra and Sufzal to remain the game.

No one can count on anyone till the final vote !

Secrets are revealed, fair or unfair this week is going to be Hell in the house with all these accusations.

Riya and Prag have 4 votes and so does Pavitra and Sufzal, since there is a tie, Deepti asks the ex splitsvillan if they wanted to change their mind and there was one, who gave the vote to Riya and Parag and that betrayer was Nirmal and she had her reason on kicking Pavitra and Sufzal out as she told them that they weren’t good enuf players for the game.

It was sad to watch Pavitra and Sufzal leave the game, as Pavitra did all her best to remain in the game till the end and one wrong choice of partner and everything was over.

The night ends with arguments among monica and Riya that she betrayed Riya because of her new love Pulkit.

A night of Q & A comes along where the splitsvillan ask the remaining 2 couples questions and want some answers.

  • Some weird questions
  • Some hurtful ones mostly headed towards Kriti and Vikas

Were these answers or wrong ones .. only the couples will know

Vikas gets paranoid and angry with certain of the questions that are hitting his way especially those relating to Kriti and wants to know who wrote the question he finally figures out that those asking the question are jealous people and losers too. He is also very hurt that friends could actually ask his girlfriend such disgusting questions on National TV.

Kriti goes into an outburst of tears.

Tomorrow is the BIG day the last standing King and Queen and the winner of 10 lakh rupees!

Prayers were offered in the temple by each of the couples to win the game. And they head down to the place as instructed by vodaphone.

Today’s competition will entirely revolve around Trust and Faith in yourself and your partner — THE LEAP OF FAITH.

The task will be that the men will be upside down and the women will be down on a diving board and they need to jump to catch on their men and hold on.

Riya and Parag were first to go… and did in the first attempt in 3 secs flat will the Vikas and Kriti do it better ?

The pressure was building on for Kriti but she missed the or rather did not trust Vikas or didn’t have enough of faith in herself and vice versa !

Riya came back to the villa fair and square and won the cash prize and fame to her own show !!!! She played hard to win this battle of love and she won it with Parag.

Riya and Parag – The Ultimate Queen and King of Splitsvilla and they were a couple right from the start of the game.

Conclusion :- Love Wins over War anyday!

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Old flames arise!

// March 12th, 2010 // Comments Off // Episodes

Continuing with last week’s episode, today we find out that the queen chooses to save Mahip. No clue what happened especially since Riya and Monika were such good friends as we watched till date. Riya states however that Mahip and Monika were equally good friends of hers. The king saves Pavitra.

And Monika is out of the game and she is quite surprised why the King and Queen did not save her. Mahip was also equally surprised that Riya wanted him to stay on the game.

As earlier stated by Nikhil that 2 people will be going home today, the King and Queen needed to again choose who’d be leaving, and however Vikas and Riya were not able to reach a conclusion as they considered Pavitra and Mahip and good friends of each other.

Wild Card: Vikas chose the wild card on Nikhil’s right hand and Pavitra was given the second chance.

Riya was feeling completely sad and the next day they were on the beach as per Vodafone’s instructions.

Surprise element – Out of the 20 original members of Splitsvilla 11 walk back into the villa and were searching for the last 3 members.

A small preview is shown of who back stabbed whom, backbiting, bitching and it continues to the present day. Vikas, Pavitra and Riya enter back into the villa and are received by everyone and they were hugging their old friends (enemies) and whispers were going on in each others ears.

New love blossomed in the villa between Kriti and Vikas at the beginning of the show but has this young love remained or have they split? Although Kriti was doubtful about Pavitra sharing a relationship with Vikas, she never doubted Vikas.

A lot of things came out on who was responsible for dumping whom?

And who thought what about each other, who is playing whom and who is plotting the next player out.

As we near the end of Splitsvilla and we only have 3 contestants and 11 ex Splitsvillains, a new rule was introduced. All the 3 last standing member can choose a partner out of the 11 people (it can be their love partner or their strong partner) and they stick with them to battle it out to the end. They are given the entire evening to make their choices. The last standing couple wins the prize!

Till now in the show, Vikas and Pavitra were getting along well and natural assumption was that they were going to win the show, everything changed when Kriti arrived and now Vikas wants to pair up with his new girlfriend and leave his old friend and partner in crime, Pavitra behind.

Pavitra was feeling betrayed by her friend Vikas and was quite lost at this point of time.

The new partners were

Riya and Parag (her real-life partner)

Vikas and Kriti

Pavitra and Sufzal

The last 3 couples fighting to win the World War 3 of love.

The task for the day was “Mile Stone“

A rescue challenge, one partner was tied down underwater with the mil stone and the other partner had to go down and unlock them with the help of keys, and rescue them. The couple who completes the task in the shortest time wins the game.

Each couple tried to save their damsel in distress underwater but who saved their damsels in the shortest time?

Deepti mentioned the results. Pavitra and Sufzal 16min 39 secs. Riya and Parag completed the task in 7 min and 7 secs. Vikas and Kriti in 3 min and 41 secs and won the challenge.

Kriti was sooo happy that she left the show and is now back in the show because of her love and that too right in the end.

And finally at the end of the day, Monika and Mahip were dumped from the show!

What happens next? Which couple fails this final test of love and which moves on to win Splitsvilla 3 – emerging the true winner in this World War 3 of love? Tune in to MTV this Saturday at 7:00 p.m.

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When the war gets physical…

// March 5th, 2010 // Comments Off // Episodes

The slap – to Aashish was the last of what we all saw in the dumping ground followed by Aashish locking himself in the room and abusing and not letting any one enter. Attempts were made by the crew members of MTV Splitsvilla but Aashish was very angry and continued to hit anyone interfering… after several failed attempts the crew and Vikas finally got Aashish to calm down.

What a twist in the story of Love and War!

They open one door and Aashish runs into the bathroom and closes it. Vikas tries to talk him into letting the guy come inside but no luck.. Mahip also tries but Aashish isn’t budging although we hear a lot of banging noises coming from inside the room, no one is able to reach Aashish not even Ruchi!

Monika doesn’t look like she felt bad about this at all and said she was protecting herself from the garbage Aashish was saying.

Aashish decides to walk out of the villa and when the remaining Splitsvillan see the place the bathroom looked like a hurricane just went through the place.

The episode begins with the remaining Splitsvillans deciding Monika’s fate on the show. While Pavitra and Mahip voted against Monika and Riya and Vikas save her.

The Decision:

A tie to dump and save her, Monika was still in the dumping zone, but she could not participate in any of the activities. She was sternly warned about her outburst and the next time she would be heading straight home.

They return back to the villa and Mahip talks to Monika and explains himself in the meanwhile Vikas explains his reasons and plot to Pavitra  as to why he saved Monika.

Vodafone instruction of the day was to go to Nai Yang Beach the second time around.

Challenge of the day for the women:  

Beach Roses

The girls need to collect roses from the people on the beach within half hour and the twist was that they are tied to each other at the waist and so have to vie for the same roses from the same tourists.

Instead of sweet charming the folks into giving their roses, they were nearly going to war and chasing them off the beach for their rose … ha ha ha.  Riya was charming people into giving them their roses and they did have to go through some work before some of them gave them their roses.

The rose snatchers carried on for about half an hour, and Riya finally won!

Riya schemes with Mahip about pairing together for the finale and getting rid of Vikas, while she talks to Vikas about pairing with him (Vikas) in the finale and getting rid of Pavitra. The plotting and scheming continues I wonder what they’ll finally do in the end.

Who will stab whom? Who remains and who gets dumped? Emotions and friendship are out of the question. The war is going strong who will stand to win the final battle?

Vikas has assumed he knows exactly how the game is going through and what each player is playing … we’ll wait to see what happens!

Challenge the next day was for the men:

Water Sumo

The boys get down to some good old wrestling as they rough it out in the ‘Water Sumo’ Task on a float in the middle of ocean.

Best of 5 rounds – Mahip wasn’t doing too well and lost the first 3 rounds which meant that Vikas won.

Pavitra looked extremely happy but the other girls did not share the same feelings.

Back in the villa …

Dumping zone

Testing the bonds or so called bonds of friendship. This time 2 people leave the villa. Who leaves, who stays all depends upon the King and Queen.

Apparently the rules change and they decide whom they want to save. Earlier they decided that Mahip would remain and the girls would be dumped. But who will the Queen save?

We’ll have to wait & watch the next episode for everything will be revealed then!

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Violence isn’t the name of the game

// February 24th, 2010 // Comments Off // Episodes

This week the contestants were asked to take their pair and go to the Naka market. A very hot task was given at hand. The contestants pit their verbal and visual talents against each other as they fight to sell the maximum number of aphrodisiacs. The contestants were given just 30 minutes for this task. Pavithra and Mahip won this task after earning 2780 bhat while Monika and Ashish just made 1470 bhat.

So now Mahip and Pavithra will be challenging the king and queen. Later at the villa there were quite a few violent discussions among the contestants. Next day the king and queen were challenged by Mahip and Pavithra. Two boats connected by a pole were docked and the contestants had to take their girl and sit on the pole. Girls challenge the girls and boys challenge the boys.

This time, no stone was left unturned as it was about getting all or nothing. Losing the king and queen challenge meant heading straight to the dumping ground. With stakes this high, it was an all out war where no one wants to play fair anymore, or safe.

They sat on the pole facing each other and the challenge was to be the last villain sitting. In the first round the girls did a decent job of trying to push their opponent off the pole while the guys just slipped and hung on to the pole until Vikas had to give away. The second round was no better as far as the performance of the contestants were concerned. Vikas fell again right along the side of Riya and lost to Mahip and Pavithra.

Mahip and Pavithra are the new king and queen of the villa.

Later, at the dumping ground Monika was so irritated with Ashish, she ended up slapping him!

Ashish walked away from the dumping ground and ran to his room. He started attacking the MTV camera men and it actually took about 5 men to calm him down. What would happen next week? Will violence be tolerated at Splitsvilla? Is Monika actually on thin ice? Watch the show next week at 7:00 pm on Saturday to catch all the drama.

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Amongst all the war, true love still has a strong hand

// February 17th, 2010 // Comments Off // Episodes

After Arjun was dumped last week, Pooja, his love could not bear to remain alone in the villa and requested that  she would like to leave Splitsvilla. Nikhil agreed to her request and informed that she will be replaced by the female who was in the dumping ground with her and had to leave splitsvilla so that she could stay.

This was a complete surprise to everyone as they recognized who it was.

And thus enters RIA – she went out with a bang is now back to take the place of Pooja in Splitsvilla. Ria enters the villa and learns that she will be replacing Pooja and she informs that only Monica is her friend and not Niharika.

Riya walks around trying to get everyone’s idea why she was voted out and from the looks of it, she has a bone to pick with everyone. Aashish was the first one in line. Fights break out between Monica and Vikas and it begins to get ugly and Vikas just walks out.

A new day dawns and the STICK and SPLIT session is back and The Queen chooses Riya to have a partner first. Riya chose Vikas and Pavithra sticks on with Mahip.

Gossip and Backbiting can be extremely evil and there was an ‘OPINION’ from Monica that there is something going on between Mahip and Pavitra

As the number of splistvillans reduce, the contest gets only harder. Monica is left without a partner and as per this contest rule, Monica can choose a partner, thereby giving the guy a double chance to win….& she chooses MAHIP.

The task was SALSA DANCING in the SEDUCTION night Club. All the contestants were trained for 2 hours and then they began to perform with their partners. All the pairs were going strong and getting creative to win the contest. Time was up and the contest began, the couples showed their salsa moves to sway the judge.

However, the show stealing performance was definitely by Vikas and Riya as their steps were very good they managed to impress the judges & as their prize, they were given Vodafone call for love and Vikas called his sweetheart kriti.

Now came the DO or DIE ! task for the winners and the king and queen. The challenge to reach the   throne was  Muay  Thai (also known as Thai Kickboxing)

The challenge took Place at the Karon Beach, and in this task the boys fight each other but they are restrained by the girls of the opposite team who are holding ropes that are attached to the boys’ hands and legs.

POINTS :- Head punches – 5 points

Below shoulders – 10points

Below the knees – 0 points

If the player falls down then the opposite player gets 15 pts

An assistant (Between Mahip, Paavitra and Monica) could be chosen by the teams who will help the member rest & drink water in about 1 minute. Each round went on for 2 mins and there were a total of 3 rounds of bashing. King and Queen choose Pavitra to be their Assistant and Mahip was of the other team.

Round 1 – No one even came close to beating as the women on either sides were very strong.

Round 2 – Change in the rules that the women can hold the ropes only after the BONG

Round 3 – The women were not allowed to hold the rope for 1 whole minute after the bong.

BASH BASH BASH .. Aashish kept falling down and thereby was throwing away the points to Vikas.

Vikas won the challenge and the new king and Queen were Vikas and Riya. Can this get any better?!?

The tables were turned and it was one eventful dumping.

Back At the dumping ground the men are saved this time & Monica is saved by the Queen. Pavitra wanted to leave the show but Vikas was not going to let her go. Obviously the King’s decision was final and Pavitra remains in the villa. Sad to watch but again this time another real life couple is split and Niharika is out of the Villa.

3 couple partner remains and 3 singles remain.

Now the World war 3 gets even more intense. Riya is still very angry with Niharika and temper flared amongst the two before Niharika left the villa.

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